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Soundings in the Dark Coming in April 2024

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Book three of the Lyle Dahms mysteries will be released by The Wild Rose Press in April of 2024. Soundings in the Dark finds the Minneapolis private investigator seeking the killer of an old high school buddy and fending off a group of violent neo-Nazis while caring for a three-year-old girl left behind by a hooker on the run.

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Just read Soundings and reviewed it.

            What an engaging cast of characters!!! Brian Anderson’s third Lyle Dahms mystery Soundings in the Dark shows his mastery of character creation and development. The characters grow from simply interesting personalities to pals who you would want to have your back. This happens as you turn the pages anxiously following the twists and turns of politically and emotionally charged exploits fraught with danger.

            I particularly liked Anderson’s portrayal of Edgerton, the Dahms’ eccentric flat mate and font of emotional wisdom. He reminded me of the character Mod in Leslie Thomas’s Dangerous Davies novels and TV series. Mulligan, too, is an endearing giant of a man whose size and fighting ability belies his kindness…

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