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  • Brian Anderson

The Shiver in Her Eyes Published by The Wild Rose Press

Brian Anderson's debut mystery novel The Shiver in Her Eyes was published by The Wild Rose Press on August 24, 2022.

Synopsis: Hired by a mob-controlled pornographer to investigate a grisly murder, Minneapolis PI Lyle Dahms faces murderous gunmen, merciless gang members, and a massive ex-professional wrestler who, besotted with the dead man’s wife, insists on tagging along.

The real mystery involves the pornographer’s mistress, a dark and vulnerable beauty who steals Lyle’s heart—and who may not be everything she seems. As the lies continue to mount and loyalties change like the Midwest weather, Dahms risks his life to seek justice and protect the woman he loves.

Award-winning author Roxanne Dunn writes "...This tale mines the gritty underbelly of Minneapolis and turns up gems: a soulless hit man, a heart-stealing woman, a mob-controlled pornographer, and a tattered but loyal PI. Suspenseful, heart-warming, and wonderfully written, just try to put it down..."

Get your copy now!

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